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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 6, Day 13 – Port McNeill to Lagoon Cove

Those who stayed up until dark last night were treated to a gorgeous view of the stars.  The milky way and many constellations were visible and we even spotted some shooting stars!  We left Lagoon Cove this morning at 9am under clear blue skies.  We navigated through the narrow passage called Blow hole and then down into Havannah Channel.

After cruising through the Broken Islands, we entered Johnstone straight again.  Johnstone straight is known for its beautiful scenery, diverse wildlife, strong currents and occasionally strong winds.  We got lucky and had great weather and calm seas as we cruised today.  We were also lucky enough to spot two black bears as we cruised.

Both bears appeared to be good sized males.  The second one that we spotted we were able to move closer to and watch for a while.  He was rooting around on the beach, turning over rocks and apparently finding something good to eat.  It was really neat to watch him from the water because he didn’t even seem to notice us.

We pulled into Forward Harbor in the early afternoon.  It was a sunny and warm day and perfect for exploring.  Todd, Judy, Marta and I all took a short hike over to a nearby beach.  Ed and Marta both took out a kayak for a while.  Patos went out in their dinghy fishing and spotted yet another black bear on the beach!  The rest of the group spent a relaxing afternoon soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the company of a good book.

Deception had the Victoria crew over for dinner this evening.  Jordan cooked us up a delicious meal, and we enjoyed getting to chat with them one on one.  Denise wins the prize for most changed crew member!  She started off the trip not sure about boating at all, but is really enjoying herself now.  It was another peaceful, quiet evening in Forward Harbor.

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