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Desolation Sound 2019: Day 2: Reid Harbor to Ganges

We woke well rested after a peaceful night in Reid Harbor.  The sound of a light rain pattering on the decks above us lent a cozy feel to the morning.  Rob, from Bonum Vitae and I rose early to run out to the light station at Turn Point.  The others enjoyed the drizzly morning from their boats, sipping cups of coffee and watching the mist move through the trees.

We had a short day on the water today, even with the stop in Bedwell Harbor to clear Canadian customs.  After Bedwell, we waved goodbye to the USA, raised our Canadian courtesy flags, and headed over to Salt Spring Island and the town of Ganges for the night.

Ganges is a fun little town, with an eclectic assortment of shops and restaurants.  The town is home to many artists and musicians and has a very unique character.  The skies cleared up in the afternoon, and our crews went about exploring the town, stocking up on provisions and trying out the local eateries.  Some of us went up to the local pub, while others chose the more refined dining experience of the Hastings House.  Both came back with great reviews!

With the weather forecast predicting winds building in the afternoon tomorrow, we will be getting an early start on our crossing of the Strait of Georgia.  With that in mind, most of us opted to turn in early this evening.

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