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Desolation Sound 2021: Day 14: Friday Harbor to Bellingham

Waking up to another pink sunrise put a smile on all the crew’s faces. How incredible to be experiencing moments so consistently breathtaking throughout a 333-mile adventure traversing the Salish Sea. We pushed off the docks around 8am, to make perfect time into Squalicum Harbor at 11am, and cruised at a speed that left perfect room for sight seeing and any last tasks before our final tie-up.

Exploring around the docks of Friday Harbor, the extent of boats tucked in the slips made it feel so very homey and comforting as we sipped our coffee before officially departing. Crew slipped out onto their decks and spent time waking up before getting underway. Each vessel left the docks with a newfound expertise, confidence at an all-time high and moods so positive that virtually no one and nothing could shake. We timed our departure with the ferry and passed right by it as it touched down at the port as the sun was peeking over the rolling peaks of San Juan Island.

Our float plan started out traversing San Juan Channel and navigating through Upright Channel between Shaw and Lopez Island, turning the corner of Blakely Island to a stunningly crisp view of Mount Baker standing tall right under the dissipating cloud cover. Yellows and Oranges still hung in the sky and the sun had yet to fully rise, leaving us a scene feeling as though it was right out of a movie. We traversed yet another strait between Blakely and Cypress Island, Rosario Strait, and made head way through Bellingham Channel towards Bellingham Bay.

Once the fleet was around and passed Eliza Island we took in the sights of Bellingham Bay for our last time, ending the trip with a familiar view, yet offering us a new side of the city now that fall has really started to set in. Overall, our experiences throughout this flotilla have been unparalleled. Our time together has made for memories we will never forget, returning home with new love for the places and the people we spent time with in them. Living aboard a vessel helps you find the most authentic sides of yourself that truthfully only show themselves in such intimate experiences, and for that, we are all so thankful to have met ourselves once again.

We made way back into Bellingham and one by one tied up our vessels and started transitioning off the docks to our next destinations. Goodbyes were said and thanks were given to the people we’ve spent the last 2 weeks with. Looking forward to reconnecting and assuring to keep ties. Everyone aboard the 2021 Desolation Sound Flotilla left with a new piece of the heart full, and SD cards full of captured moments that need to be revisited. Fall in the Pacific Northwest is like nothing else ever explored, each day living on the water and exploring within the forests presenting a new beauty that you didn’t think could top the last. We look forward to scheduling our next trip up into Desolation Sound and are excited to meet all the people who are just as excited to join us.

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