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Desolation Sound: Day 7 – Bliss Landing to Prideaux Haven

7:30AM. The water is calm as I am skimming across the surface in Deception’s dinghy at about 15 knots. A cup of coffee in one hand and a cold hand on the tiller. Wow, am I blessed; great sun rise, scattered clouds, passing by the Copeland Islands with not another boat in sight. Off to Nancy’s Bakery in Lund to pick up three dozen blackberry, raisin, pecan and plain hot sticky buns. Pull into the harbor at Lund after about a 20 minute ride. No sign of any moving life. Sunday morning in Lund. Good news!! The open sign on the bakery window is shining brightly! As I walk in I am greeted by one of the young ladies working at the bakery with “You must be here for the big order?” Indeed I am. As I started to leave I remembered the special order requested by the crew of Dream Catcher, “Please give me $20.00 worth of carrot cake.” She starts to giggle and says “What a great way to start off Sunday morning!” Back in the dinghy with a fresh cup of coffee heading back to Bliss Landing. What a great start to a Sunday morning. Upon return to Bliss Landing the sticky buns are handed out to each of the crews on the boats. It is at times like this that we all must remember two important rules about vacations: “We don’t worry about expense or dieting!!”

Well, I knew it was going to be a good day, I just didn’t know how good. We had departed Bliss Landing at 10:00AM, rounded Sarah Point and entered Desolation Sound. We were greeted by a great view of the mountain peaks that surround this area.

After a tour of Tenedos Bay we proceeded through the narrow passage between Otter Island. Just as we had passed through the passage their appeared a small black bear, somewhere between a cub and a yearling. The bear watched a couple boats go through then jumped in the water and swam across to the other side. What a treat to watch it swim and then put it into four paw drive and climb up the steep bank on the other side.

We then proceeded on to Prideaux Haven anchorage where we found one sailboat at anchor. This is a very picturesque anchorage with magnificent views. In the summer it is always quite full of boats. This is what makes this particular flotilla so inviting; essentially having the anchorages to ourselves or maybe one other boat.

All boats at anchor with a beautiful sunny afternoon. We are off shortly to go for a hike. Maybe we will be able to find this bear’s mommy. It was a bit challenging at the shoreline as we landed on the beach on some slippery rocks. After dropping off the intrepid hikers, Deception’s taxi (dinghy) carefully worked to get off the beach which was littered with oysters. Unfortunately this is an aquatic preserve and no harvesting is allowed.

The sun was out in full force all afternoon. After the hikers were off the beach the trail was a bit wet with a little up and down but for the most part quite doable. Everyone went at their own pace and headed back when they had enough. Some went on to the lake above and were treated to a very placid and calm view of this isolated lake. Well worth effort and time.

Just approaching the dinner hour. Several boats having other boats over for dinner. Cocktail hour approaches with wonderful views and the warm glow of the sun. Great day!!!

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