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Desolation Sound Flotilla: Day 2 – Prevost Harbor to Ganges

Today was great, with plenty of leisure time to explore Prevost Harbor before our departure to Bedwell Harbour to clear customs. Randy and Jack on Grand Adventure had an amazing sunrise kayak with the spectrum of ambers and oranges casting through breaking clouds early in the morning. A freshly made pot of coffee greeted the crew of Deception as time came to cast the dock lines away.

Bedwell Harbour was a short hop and skip across the strait, roughly 12 miles from Prevost. As we left Stuart Island, we could see Turn Point where the historic white-washed lighthouse stood proud. To our starboard, Cherry Point generated smoke stacks over the horizon as a landmark to where we came from, some 30nm away. It wasn’t long before we cleared customs and headed north towards Ganges. The waterways were uncluttered and the breeze light, making for a pleasant passage. Once we approached the harbor of Ganges, a flotilla ~45 boats strong caravanned past us. The word over the VHF was that Ganges hosted a “work boat” festival, comprised of wooden tugs boats and numerous fishing boats converted into live-aboards that had gathered in celebration.

Once inside the marina, life was easy as the sun glistened on the wooden docks as if summer would last forever. Dinghies were deployed from each yacht to aid the provisioning effort. It’s customary to wait until you arrive in Canada to buy fruit and veggies, along with any alcohol that could not be carried across the border. It’s a fun ritual where a dinghy can take you almost anywhere in town and it’s a common sight to see others with groceries piled high in their small tenders as they make their way back to their boats at anchor or on a mooring.

Now that the last of the provisioning is in order, the adventure continues northward to highlight destinations like Princess Louisa, Prideaux Haven, and Grace Harbour. We are all excited and feel that this trip will end sooner than we hope, with just two weeks on the agenda. However, everyone is thrilled to be together enjoying each unique anchorage together as we form and shape new relationships along the way.

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