Desolation Sound Flotilla: Day 9 – Grace Harbour to Prideaux Haven | NW Explorations


Desolation Sound Flotilla: Day 9 – Grace Harbour to Prideaux Haven

We had a late start to the morning since our next destination was less than twenty miles away from Grace Harbour. Prideaux Haven is a gem inside Desolation Sound. The entrance to the anchorage is very tight. The flotilla looked like a snake slithering a path through the rocky shoals between the islands, but once inside there was a plethora of coves and secluded anchorages to choose from.

Lunch was nothing short of gourmet. Starting with sautéed garlic and onions, diced tomatoes, smoked salmon, and mushrooms were tossed in a pan with butter. Tiny pasta shells and a blend of cheeses were reduced with milk to make a delicious mac & cheese. Topped with freshly shredded smoked gouda and green onions for garnish, the crew of Deception had a fulfilling meal before our hike.

A hike was led to an unknown, unnamed lake within a few miles from shore. The trail was barely visible with so many downed logs and overgrowth, but the group had a great time as we bonded over stories of family and traveling.

Once back aboard, the jellies came alive! An excess of thousands of jellyfish swarmed around the boats, climbing the water column to reach the sunlit surface. Moon jellies are not exceptionally harmful, though, with so many in the water, no one swam today. Looking out onto the water, the scenery was majestic. The jellies looked like sheets of ice as densely packed as they were. High, jagged peaks crowned the valleys in the distance with pockets of sailboats and yachts nestled tightly in different coves. After the recent rain, the trees and mosses were very bright against the gray granite and turquoise waters of Desolation Sound. This is truly a magical place full of so much life and beauty, it will be hard to leave tomorrow.

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