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15 Stunning Alaska Flotilla Photos

Every year, we take six groups of lucky adventurers through some of the most beautiful and remote boating spots in the world.

Our Alaska flotilla, also called “Mother Goose,” is our longest-running and most popular flotilla. We take passengers through the famed Inside Passage, to the amazing fjord in Tracy Arm Cove,  along the Twin Sawyer glaciers, and much more.

Your flotilla takes you to a new destination every day: enjoy the natural pools of Alaska’s Hot Springs Cove, learn about local indigenous tribes, visit the abandoned Chichagoff gold mine, and scope out humpbacks, Orcas, bears, and more from the comfort of your captain’s chair.

Visit https://www.nwexplorations.com/flotilla/alaska-flotilla-22/ to learn more or give us a call at 1.800.826.1430 to request a brochure and make this dream a reality.

In the meantime, check out some of our favorite photos from our past Alaska flotillas.

A 300’ tall flake separates from the face of Harvard Glacier, its splash reaching nearly the height of the glacier itself. Humpback whales bubble feeding in Stephens Passage, Alaska. A boat captain is dwarfed by the massive scale of Sawyer Glacier. A bald eagle hunts for salmon in Anan Creek, Alaska. A group of trawler yachts navigate their way through the ice fields South Sawyer Glacier, Alaska. A young female black bear looks up at the camera while fishing in the creek below. A stunning sunset over Port McNeill, British Columbia. Large blocks of ice fall into the freezing waters beneath Sawyer Glacier. making a huge splash.. A great drifting blocks of glacial ice in Alaska. A pod of Pacific white-sided dolphins splash and play in the water. A Grand Banks yacht by the name of Dream Catcher, cruises along with towering mountains behind her.

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