2024 Inside Passage Flotilla North – Day 5 Lay Day at Octopus Islands | NW Explorations


2024 Inside Passage Flotilla North – Day 5 Lay Day at Octopus Islands

Our lay day at Octopus Islands was one of adventure and quality time. We started the morning off with a little excursion on shore to look for the driftwood cabin.

The cabin was a charming little dwelling with so much personality. Everywhere you looked were names of the boats that had visited through the years. We were able to spot the NW Explorations T-shirt left by the crew from the year before, along with many other miscellaneous trinkets such as driftwood creatures and dangling sand dollar mobiles. At one point a family had come to explore the cabin as well. The little girl brought her teddy bear named “Baby Tompkins” along for the adventure and the boy decided he would make a sign to add to the cabin collection. On it he wrote, “Fun Cabin. Fun Signs. Fun Day.”, which I thought summed up the experience quite perfectly.

After everyone had gotten a good look at all the treasures inside, we gathered around in the front on the driftwood benches, exchanging stories and enjoying the sunshine.

When we got back from the outing, Tim and Landon took it upon themselves to get out the kayaks and do a little adventuring of their own. When they returned, they reported seeing a racoon as one of the main highlights of their journey.

Throughout the day we saw a couple of Canadian Geese and tons of Pigeon Guillemots, which are easy to spot by their little red feet!

To end the day Deception hosted a happy hour for all the boats. Landon and Tim were excellent valets, helping tie up everyone’s dinghies as they came in. It was an enjoyable way to spend the evening, conversing and getting to know each other a little better over yummy appetizers and drinks. The people have really made the experience special and all the more worthwhile.

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