We’ve elected to try a new anchorage this afternoon to avoid the crab traps in Berg Bay which presented such a challenge to dropping anchor there last leg.  Based on the forecasted winds and seas for Clarence Strait, we’ve elected to head to Ketchikan tomorrow – otherwise we’d be gambling with four foot seas on Saturday and the holiday crowds at the docks in Ketchikan, where slips are first-come first-serve.

Along Chicagof Pass a few miles out from Wrangell along Etolin Island, we begin to pass fishing boats – trollers and even a gillnetter.  Navigation requires keeping an eye out for boats as well as the set of their nets and lines to avoid a mishap.

This morning Ajax pulled up several legal sized Dungeness, and offered them up for the fleet for a crab feast.  Since it’s our last night at anchorage, Deception suggests that we make it a “last supper” potluck; a chance for folks to cook up any provisions before we arrive back on the docks in Ketchikan.  Aquila radios over to say they will bring the rest of their salmon, and both Eldean and Navigator need some help drinking their remaining bottles of wine.  Salmon, crab, wine… another night of good eating, Alaska style.

Santa Ana Inlet appears to be a nice little spot.  It’s breezy when we all set anchor. We drop our dinghys and Eldean, Aquila and Deception head out to explore.  There is a small creek at one end, some remnants of what might have been (a long time ago) a logging camp.

Lorenzo aboard Eldeans dinghy has become proficient at driving.  Carlota climbs aboard Deceptions dinghy as soon as she has the chance.  Seven days aboard Eldean with her two brothers, she seems ready for some new company.

After the dinghy exploration, Lorenzo gets on the radio to announce that they have found wild blueberries – they will be bringing those for dessert!

Lorenzo and his father offer to provide taxi service for the evening’s dinner, bringing over folks from Telita and the rest of the fleet, all carrying pots and plates and beverages on their laps.  There is an abundance of crab and salmon, salmon tartare for appetizers.  Blueberries and pumpkin cake for dessert.  The weather is beautiful.  Sunny and warm and perfect for taking our plates up on the fly deck where we make a mess of the crab and ourselves.

Gale warning off-shore, but you would never know it from here.\



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