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Fourth of July holiday in Ketchikan and a leisurely morning here on the docks.  It’s a beautiful and breezy day. By early afternoon it must be in the 80’s in town, but on the docks we’re quite comfortable.

Deceptions crew dresses the boat in the signal flags in celebration of the Fourth of July – gives it a festive touch.  Late morning a handful of folks gather aboard Deception to discuss corrosion and engine maintenance over coffee and muffins.  Both Todd aboard Telita and Carlos aboard Eldean are pilots familiar with parts maintenance and fascinated by the challenges presented by salt water and our on board Techs Jenn and Lucas have plenty of insights to share.

Meanwhile, in the Harbor Master parking lot, just up from the docks, the staging for the Ketchikan Fourth of July Parade is underway.  The parade kicks off at noon.  Half the town has shown up to watch the parade.  And it would seem the other half of town is in the parade.  There are police cars, ambulances, the search and rescue team, the Coast Guard, Ketchikan boy scouts, work unions, class reunions… every truck in town seems to be towing someone or something and there is a handful of classic cars lined up.  There is a Native Klingit contingent, the Philipino community and a dozen Scottish bagpipes marching, drumming, and playing.

The young crew aboard Eldean stake out a site in front of the parade route.  The parade kicks off, and as each float and group passes by the kids are treated with showers of candy.  Carlota, Pascal and Lorenzo have a haul of candy by the end of the parade that should carry them through the next several days.

Aboard Deception we are sorting through the last details that must be addressed among the fleet and organizing our stores aboard the boat in preparation for new crew arriving tomorrow.  We watch the fish seiners departing the harbor while the snap of flags and groaning lines in the harbor offer their own backdrop melody to conversations of boat maintenance and provisioning.  It’s been a full and wonderful last 10 days.  Folks drop-in throughout the afternoon to share their compliments on the trip and we exchange our views on the highlights.

It’s been a pleasure cruising with the folks aboard each member of our fleet – to Craig, Fabrice, Kurt and Sabine aboard Ajax; Paul, Sherry, Dianne and John aboard Aquila; Bill, Todd and Judy aboard Telita; Jack and the Cindys aboard Navigator; to Carlos, Susana, Carlota, Pascal and Lorenzo aboard Eldean – Thank you for sharing the crab meat and salmon!  For the key lime pie!  For your unbridled enthusiasm for jelly fish and sea stars! For your attention to detail and desire to learn!  You have all made this a wonderful time together.

Until next time, Deception standing by.

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