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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 1, Day 5 – Forward Harbour to Lagoon Cove

Half-way through Johnstone Strait the excitement really began. Captain Brian pointed to our port-side beam where a large pod of pacific white-sided dolphins elegantly cut through the water to ride our bow wake! It was amazing to see these animals keep pace with such grace alongside every yacht in the flotilla. Every few seconds they would turn sideways to look you right in the eye! Everyday has been remarkable and we all feel quite spoiled by the great weather the abundant wildlife in these waters.

Once out of the strait, the flotilla motored through Chatham Channel. The forest was lush with different shades of vibrant greens and bald eagles were fishing actively as we headed towards Lagoon Cove. We spotted an eagle make a dive towards a fish, which must have been very large because the eagle could not manage to take flight again. Instead, the eagle swam with a breast-stroke action like an Olympic swimmer to the river’s edge where it could devour the catch. While the Bald eagle fought for its food, harbour seals laid basking in the sun on a shallow reef, paying little notice to our passing flotilla. Within 4 hours we have arrived at Lagoon cove with high spirits.

After a short break for lunch, I met the interested participants for a casual hike to The Blow Hole narrows before we gathered for a delicious prawn feast. A favorite past time at Lagoon Cove is the Prawn Cocktail hour. Every day at 5pm, guests are asked to bring a dish, pot-luck style, while the dock owner prepares succulent jumbo prawns in an all-you-can-eat fashion right at the dock. To end the day, Mike & Ulla from Change of Latitude were kind enough to present a slideshow on Deception of their 6-year trip through Europe on their own Grand Banks 36’, which they have back home in Finland. Yes indeed, it was a fine day full of many surprises from dolphins to prawns. Hard to ask for more! Except… Captain Brian made lemon bars and oatmeal muffins for the morning with a 10am cast-off, so yes! We are all sleeping in tomorrow and get to enjoy the scrumptious baked goods of Captain Brian – Captain and Chef extraordinaire!  Next stop tomorrow – Kwatsi Bay!

*By the way, in case you were all wondering who “I” am, I am Sean Kelly!  I am the naturalist aboard the lead vessel Deception.

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