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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 1, Day 6 – Lagoon Cove to Kwatsi Bay

The morning started off easy with a muffin/coffee social aboard Deception hosted by the crew. Departure wasn’t until 10 AM so there was plenty of time to soak in the morning light and listen to the calls of Bald eagles nesting in the red cedars above the dock. We said our goodbyes to the gracious hosts of Lagoon Cove and pointed our bows to the open stretch of Tribune Channel.  We were headed to Kwatsi Bay. With 30 miles separating us from our next rendezvous the flotilla eased back on the throttles to enjoy our time on the water.

As nice as the stay was at Lagoon Cove, it was also nice to be underway, anticipating more wildlife and a new place to call home for the night. Not to be disappointed, a Humpback whale surprised us all as the group pulled into Kwatsi Bay. However, the whale was very sneaky and did not spout a blowhole or deep dive with the fluke exposed, but rather slipped quietly into the deep fjord without an opportunity to get a photo. That’s twice now that we have seen Humpbacks since we left a week ago and we have been unable to capture it on film! Next time I see a humpback I will definitely have the camera at the ready.  For such large creatures, they certainly are capable of effortlessly disappearing!

We had perfect timing tying up the boats to the dock with Max, owner and caretaker of Kwatsi Bay’s only marina. The rain started as a drizzle and then came as powerful as the waterfalls that cascade down the steep granite walls of the fjords that surround us. Good fortune brought the sun back promptly, so I gathered up the adventurous few to take a dinghy over to a small landing opposite the bay. A fern covered trail led us quickly to a massive waterfall known as Pony Tails Falls. Time for a few photos and some hurdles over fallen trees and we were back at the dinghy to start dinner aboard each of our vessels.

Just as we were all about to say goodnight, Doug from Victoria spotted a black bear not too far from the waterfall trail head. Immediately, Rich was on the tiller and I grabbed the camera. It wasn’t easy but the both of us managed to take a few quality shots before darkness fell upon the bay. Tonight, I kick my boots off and climb happily into bed asking myself, “What will tomorrow bring?”

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