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Alaska Flotilla: Leg 2, Day 5 – Wrangell to Petersburg

After two days of drizzling, misty overcast cruising, the sun finally broke through the clouds after dawn. It was a splendid day of glacier blue waters, tiny forested islands like Two Tree Island (actually having three trees), the sun on our backs, wind in our hair, calm winds, and flowing seas. Don, David and Jen aboard Victoria had fun weaving in and out of the tiny islands going off on their own beaten path. Together, we made a wonderful passage from Wrangell to the “little Norway” town of Petersburg.

It was an interesting cruise with the islands closing in on both sides with Deception and the five other Grand Banks following in her wake. These are tight waters in Wrangell Narrows. Dungeness crab season has exploded in SE Alaska adding another element to negotiating the narrows, but not to worry with First Mate Jordan at the helm. A true mariner, running these waters with his grandfather since he was 11, Jordan was at ease.

With some typical wildlife along the way, it made for an exciting day. A few deer on the lee shore, more than ten bald eagles congregating in the muddy flats near Wrangell, and a few adult sea lions in the south marina in Petersburg. Hard to go a day without seeing something intriguing. Also, I’m very excited for tomorrow with the opportunity to cruise through the most densely populated waters of humpback whales Alaska has to offer, Frederick Sound.

For now, a sip of chai; the mug still hot, warming my hands while standing in the midst of this very decorative and unique town of Petersburg. Nordic statues of bronze, old Viking relics, Scandinavian flags, and houses of every bright color give this town its own flair. I would like to visit again and spend enough time to get to know the people of this small community. It’s a pleasure traveling and anchoring in new places every night – an able seaman may cruise a lifetime up here and still never see but ten percent of what this amazing land (sea) has to offer.

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