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Desolation Sound 2019: Day 6: Okeover Arm to Prideaux Haven

We woke to a pretty and breezy morning in Okeover Arm.  After a short walk about and a trip up to the restaurant to use the wifi and check in with loved ones back home, it was time to depart for Prideaux Haven.  The northerly breeze was clearing the skies and we cruised out into Desolation Sound in the beautiful morning light.

Prideaux is one of the premier anchorages in the Desolation Sound area.  It is an intricate maze of small islands, inlets and reefs.  Always on the lookout for the more interesting and less traveled waterways, we slid our fleet through a narrow S-turn passage before heading into the anchorage.  From our boats at anchor we could see out across the many small islands to the Coastal Mountains rising steeply in the distance.

This area is absolutely perfect for exploring by dinghy and kayak, and our crews made the most of the warm, sunny afternoon.  The water was absolutely glassy, reflecting the bright green of the lichen on the rocky shore and the blue of the sky.  We spotted Common mergansers, eagles, sea stars, large oyster beds and even a sandy area filled with live Sand dollars.  We all decided that this was a piece of paradise, and that we could spend another week right here poking around and taking in the scenery.

This evening the crew from Nauti Otter 2 came over to Deception for dinner.  We had a nice meal with them and enjoyed talking to them about their experience with the boat so far.  They are sailors from the east coast who are looking to make the switch to something more spacious and are trying out the Kadey-Krogen on this trip.  It was a lovely evening spent in good company.  Later, both the stars and the bioluminescence in the water were shining brightly.

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