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Desolation Sound 2019: Day 7: Prideaux Haven to Egmont

Blue skies greeted us this morning as we cruised south from Desolation Sound.  The morning was windy and the strait was full of whitecaps.  Our crews handled the rougher seas like pros, and before long we were back down through the Malaspina Strait and turning into the calmer waters of Jervis inlet.

Our destination today was Egmont.  Egmont is a tiny little town with a few small resorts and marinas.  It is located right next to the Skookumchuk narrows, which have some of the strongest tidal currents in the world.  When the tide is flowing out of the narrows the currents can reach close to 20 knots.  This rush of water creates large standing waves that have become a popular destination for whitewater kayakers and surfers.

Today, the little town was quiet as the summer season is winding down.  Our crews braved the rain and headed out in their dinghies to get a few provisions from the small General store.  We were impressed by the little shop which had one of just about everything, from fishing tackle to baking supplies.  Afterwards, many of us went up to the local pub for a drink and dinner.

In the evening the clouds cleared, and a layer of fresh snow was covering the tops of the surrounding peaks.  The first snow of the year! The crew from Aquila joined us on Deception for dinner this evening.  Bill and Norma split their time between Camano Island and Tucson, Arizona.  Their nephew Rick and his wife Debbie are traveling with them on this trip.  We spent a nice evening with them on board, happy to have a warm, dry boat and a good meal.

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