Desolation Sound 2023: Day 12: Montague to Ganges | NW Explorations


Desolation Sound 2023: Day 12: Montague to Ganges

Fog rolled in overnight and we woke up to a still harbor blanketed in cloud. As we watched and waited a group of Surf Scoters swam nearby, diving for their breakfast. A few river otters also decided to have breakfast on Deceptions stern, leaving their left-over flounder as a gift for us. As the sun got higher the fog gave way to a beautiful sunny day!

It was a short transit to Ganges as we continued to watch the fog roll through the islands and disappear. Ganges is always a wonderful place to stop and explore. There are many artists who live on the island and wandering the galleries is great! From beautiful paintings of the local coastline to statues of moose in claw foot bathtubs, there is a little of everything to admire and even laugh at.

Great blue herons patrol the docks at all times of day. Sometimes you will see them sitting very still watching the water and waiting for a fish to swim by and become a snack. Other times you will see them strutting the docks or squawking loudly if started. Although these birds are large, they only weigh about 5 pounds because of their hallow bones. Between watching the float planes, great blue herons, and other boaters, the Ganges Marina is a great place to sit and enjoy a fall day.

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