Desolation Sound 2023: Day 3: Pender Harbour to Grace Harbour | NW Explorations


Desolation Sound 2023: Day 3: Pender Harbour to Grace Harbour

After our cozy evening in Pender, we started our way to Grace Harbour. A few seals said a quiet goodbye to us from the water as we pulled anchor. While leaving, there were breaching whales! Although we didn’t get a picture, we all were in awe as we saw the giant splashes.

On the way to Grace Harbour, we pass through a narrow section where we can spot a small pictograph on the side of the cliff. Although it can be hard to spot, once you see it you can make out markings that look like a fish, a face, and possibly a figure of a person. It is not fully known what pictographs were used for, but it is thought that they were to mark certain locations or used in ceremonies.

Once in Grace Harbour we built our first raft of the trip. One by one everyone pulled up to deception and we created our neighborhood. Rafts are a wonderful part of the flotilla as it allows us to spend more time together and creates a wonderful view of all the boats in a row from across the bay.

Once all tied up some of us made our way to shore to go on a small hike. We saw mushrooms, slugs, beetles, and all the moss! Along this trail there are also many signs of old logging operations. Some machinery, cables, and old stumps tell the story of logging through history. There is still a lot of logging in BC to this day and you can see it in certain places along the hills that surround the water ways. The trail in Grace Harbour leads to a lake where ducks and dragonfly greeted us before we turned around and made our way back to the boats.

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