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Desolation Sound 2023: Day 4: Grace Harbour to Prideaux Haven

We woke up to the sound of soft rain on our decks. It began our day gently and we all enjoyed coffee while watching the rain fall, contributing to the greenery all around us. We then began to untie the raft and prepare for our trip to beautiful Prideaux Haven. On the short trip we watched the fog roll over the hills, performing its slow dance with the evergreens.

After we had made home in Prideaux Haven, a group of us ventured into the woods for a hike out to Laura Cove and back. This time of year is a great time to be out because there are so many mushrooms to find! Along with many other kinds, we were lucky to find Lobster Mushrooms! Lobster mushrooms aren’t actually mushrooms at all. They are a parasitic fungus that grows on other mushrooms and give them their bright orange appearance. They make a tasty addition to dinner if you find enough.

Along with finding many mushrooms, we also found a lot of evidence of Sapsuckers. The Sapsucker is a bird that drills roes of small holes into logs and trees from which they draw sap out of. These patterns of holes can be quite striking and extensive. Sapsuckers will return to these holes to eat the sap. There are several species of Sapsuckers in British Columbia and maybe we will get to see one of them on our future hikes!

The forest is such a fascinating place to slow down and begin looking at things on a smaller scale. You will find so many different critters, plants, and wonders when you start to look closer. Even in just one square foot you can find hundreds of different species. And when you compare the size of some of our forest friends to your own hand, it really puts the world into perspective.

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  1. Annie….what a great adventure!! Wish we were there…appreciate the blog…..keep it going so the rest of us can live vicariously thru you!

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