Desolation Sound 2023: Day 5: Prideaux Haven Lay Day | NW Explorations


Desolation Sound 2023: Day 5: Prideaux Haven Lay Day

We had a slow morning as we woke up to the pitter patter of rain that persisted till around noon. Sitting in our cozy cabins, reading books, and having wonderful breakfast was a treat. As the rain started to lighten, everyone began to venture out on dinghies to explore the beautiful coastline in Prideaux haven. Rocks covered in lichens and ferns, glimpses of brightly colored sea stars under the water, and seals basking on rocks as the sun began to peak through the clouds.

In the early afternoon we got a special treat when two more guests arrived by float plane. They had flown from Seattle and as the plane circled overhead, we got excited to watch it land. They had quite the welcome committee as almost everyone was already out in their dinghies and came over to say hello. They said it was a beautiful ride at around 700 feet where you would see the islands and cliff sides in detail.

The afternoon was spent enjoying the colors of fall and the welcome sunshine! We gathered on the deck of Deception for drinks and appetizers. We had a wonderful spread and got to share stories and laughs. We watched the sun set and everyone made their way back to their vessels for dinner and to tuck in for the night.

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