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Desolation Sound 2023: Day 6: Prideaux Haven to Squirrel Cove

The trip over to Squirrel cove is short, so we decided to take a turn through Refuge Cove to see the small town. As we were exiting the cove, we spotted orcas! These orcas looked like a transient pod of 4 to 5 individuals. As the orcas swam off into the distance, we continued on and happened upon a humpback! Our short crossing turned into a great whale watching opportunity.

Once we arrived in Squirrel cove and created the raft, many took their dinghies over to the small town where there is grocery store. On the way over there were many loons were drifting in the bay and catching fish. Common Loons are a beautiful diving bird that have black feathers with an intricate white pattern that makes them look like they are adorned with jewelry when they are in their breeding plumage.

One of the most fun parts of being in Desolation Sound at this time of year (at least for your naturalist) is finding all of the different mushrooms that are popping up in every direction you look while you are in the forest. Your naturalist is not the only one who gets excited, the slugs are also in heaven, munching on the tasty fungus feast. Mushrooms are a very important part of the ecosystem. They break down decaying organic material which is then recycled back into the environment. They are amazing living things that really make the world go round.

In the evening some people went into a saltwater lagoon that was next to our raft. As the tide is coming in, the water flows into the lagoon, and as the tide goes out, it flows out as well. There is only a small window of time you can go in to explore and make it out before you get stuck. There were many salmon inside the lagoon and the seals who were having about where no doubt very full and happy.

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