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Desolation Sound: Day 4 – Princess Louisa

Today we spent a lay day in beautiful Princess Louisa Inlet. Bryce, the facilities manager at Camp Malibu, gave a great talk and tour at this historic camp right next to the inlet entrance. A large heated swimming pool overlooks the whirling currents of Malibu Rapids. From the pool or extensive decks the teenage campers can watch us boaters come through at slack.

It was a fun dinghy ride for several people in the flotilla. Meanwhile the hardier folks made a trek up and up through the steep forest to the ruins of a trapper’s cabin next to a beautiful waterfall.

A possible sighting of an otter was made. But some feel it might have been a baby seal. White fur… baby seals have white fur. Fluffy head. Hmmm sea otters would have fluffy heads. River otters a more pointy head… more sightings to reach a conclusion.

Princess Louisa is a special place for everyone. There is a lot of camaraderie on the dock. Lots of stories about all kinds of fun adventures exchanged.

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