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Desolation Sound: Day 5 – Egmont

The stars were out shining so brightly as the flotilla got ready for an early departure. As the sun rose the high cliffs were outlined high above a row of “Christmas Lights” – our flotilla’s running lights. We needed to leave early, once again, to catch the slack tide at Malibu Rapids. No worries, Captain Brian assured us, we’d be in to Egmont in time to enjoy an afternoon nap.

A bald eagle was enjoying a fish for breakfast along the shoreline. The misty fjords of Queens Reach and Princess Royal Reach and Prince of Wales Reach opened a bit wider at Jervis Inlet. We altered course to port a bit and came into the welcoming Back Eddie Marina at Egmont before noon. A lovely warm Indian summer afternoon was perfect for everyone to do whatever one would wish to do.

Nearby Skookumchuck Narrows has tremendous rapids thundering into and out of Sechelt Inlet. The group made plans with a local tour company to see the max current by sea. Others opted to stretch their legs and hike the 3 hour roundtrip journey to view from land. What a tremendous sight! The water’s tremendous power could be felt even from a distance. But even more impressive were the kayak surfers that dared to enter the water for a thrilling ride!

Everyone has a quiet and relaxing evening aboard their warm and cozy boats. We fell asleep wondering what adventures the next day would bring.

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