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Desolation Sound Flotilla: Day 7 – Egmont to Okeover Inlet

Today we battled the weather. The forecast was predicted for 15-20 knots from the north. Once we were out of the protection of the islands, the ocean showed its true colors. There were some who felt a bit sea sick, though the men of Grand Adventure were shouting and cheering with joy as the sea state tossed their Grand Banks from side to side between the six foot swells. They were in their element as the wind picked up and had a great time negotiating the following seas in good stride.

Soon we rounded McRae Island, a known Stellar sea lion haulout. There was a big alpha male on the top of the rocks protecting his group of females from the lesser dominant males that dared not to come ashore. Once down wind of the island, the full experience took place as the stench of these massive mammals reached our nostrils. It was all part of the experience as we took our photos and tried not to disturb the marine mammals as we motored past.

Once in Malaspina Inlet, it was very protected and quite calm in comparison to the conditions and the 20 knots of wind we experienced on the other side of the peninsula. The docks were slick with algae; clearly it had rained a lot in the recent months in Okeover. A beautiful restaurant named the Laughing Oyster Bar served our last meal of the day. A buffet-style dinner was hosted for the evening featuring fried cod, roasted pork, spinach and goat cheese salad, and a dozen special sauces to go with other appetizers. The food was top-notch as was the live band. They played mostly covers, and as Waltzing Matilda was sung, the Aussies sung out in perfect key to the timing of the payers. It was quite a show and a fantastic way to end the evening.

Eventually each group left together as they walked the short road back to the docks, winding down the steep asphalt. The food was wonderful and the day was eventful with all the waves, sea lions, and slippery docks. Tomorrow’s tide was forecasted to be very low before our departure so hopefully a tidal walk will be possible. As for now, it was time to say goodnight and sleep comfortably knowing the adventure continues in the morning.

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