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July 4th, 2016

Happy Birthday America!

Lucky us, we got to spend the Fourth of July with the town of Cordova!  They do the holiday to small town perfection.  The main street was closed for the soap box derby racers that buzzed down the little hill that ends at the grocery store.  A more serious bunch of ten-year olds you have never seen.  A new course record was set!

A huge U.S. flag flew from the top of the ski hill, 1,200’ above the town.  Lunch was free for everybody that showed up, including salmon that was contributed by local fisherman.  A pie social was on for dessert, including one blueberry and salmonberry pie shaped like the stars and stripes.  Kids and dogs roamed at will among the gaggles of Cordovans chit-chatting between the fried dough, salmon raffle, and balloon stands.  My personal favorite was an enormous St. Bernard that took his ease rolled over on his back in the middle of the street.  What fun!

The NW Explorations fleet was not to be outdone.  Ted and Christina decorated the bow of Hele Mai with bunting they brought from their boat.  Captain Brian “dressed” Deception in the old-school manner with the boat’s entire supply of signal flags.  Among the working gill netters and purse seiners down in the harbor this was quite the sight! Even with the holiday, the business end of the cruise had to go on.  Thankfully, both grocery stores were open so cases of food came on board all the boats.  The entire fleet was hosted aboard Deception for the pre-cruise orientation meeting and everybody seems ready and eager to go.

Tomorrow is the big day when we break free of port to explore this great land!

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