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Wondrous wildlife in Desolation Sound: a cruiser’s dream

A charter or flotilla is always an amazing experience for those who desire the freedom of cruising to some of the most beautiful spots imaginable. Add an abundant variety of wildlife sightings to your voyage and it suddenly goes from great, to absolutely legendary.

Desolation Sound on the northern end of the Sunshine Coast is just the place to experience all of this close up.

Despite its rather sullen name (thanks to Captain George Vancouver), the area is positively teeming with life, on land, at sea and in the air. It is not unusual to spot a colony of seals basking on a group of rocks in the sun. They camouflage well with mottled grey and black skin, so you may have to designate a spotter to catch sight of them. Other marine life species in the region are equally as majestic: porpoises cutting through the water in small pods, noisy sea lions hauled out on the rocks, as well as killer whales (Orcas) and humpback whales feeding on the rich marine life. If fortune allows, you may even witness a whale breaching. It’s quite a magnificent sight to watch these massive creatures fling their bulk from the water, turn and splash down.

In the air, bald eagles, kingfishers and cormorants swoop down to pick up fish and other small prey. On shore, land mammal sightings range from grizzly and black bears, to deer, cougars, wolves, wily minks and sleek river otters.

Even intertidal life is abundant, from shellfish and starfish, to crabs, urchins, sea cucumbers and anemones. A paddle in the kayak at low tide will reveal a colorful variety upon close inspection.

If you’re considering a charter or flotilla, and you want to witness some of nature’s finest creations, NW Explorations is your go-to for Desolation Sound. To add even more insight to a flotilla journey, NWE always has a marine naturalist on board the lead yacht, providing a depth of knowledge to everything you see.

A voyage in this beautiful part of British Columbia provides a unique blend of spectacular coastline, wildlife galore and endless opportunity for observing, learning and mastering your nautical skills.

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If you’re looking for more information, simply contact us with any questions.

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