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2021 PNW Summer Flotilla – Day 7

Alderbrook to Port Ludlow

After a great stay in Hood Canal it was time for the flotilla to come about and return to more northerly latitudes. We got an early start, and after a fond farewell to Alderbrook we took off at a clip. Having thoroughly enjoyed some remarkable moments over the last few days the crews were happy to spend the morning just cruising on some comfortable seas. In fact, we probably would have been quite happy if cruising had been the highlight of the day. Instead, we found ourselves captivated by a scene that will surely be a lifelong memory for all.

Late morning the call came over bridge to bridge, onboard speedy Navigator the crew spotted orcas off their Starboard bow.  If the pod from two days ago was in a hurry, then these orcas were practically ambulatory. We watched for over an hour as their dorsals would break the surface, tracing lazy curling wakes around the bay. Eventually the pod found what they were looking for, and they shifted into hunting mode. What a sight to see! The whales worked together, outmaneuvering and corralling the school of fish, driving them towards shoal water. Fluking, slapping the water with their powerful tails to stun the fish, before lunging forward for a mouthful. We were in absolute awe at their combined display of intelligence, power, and grace.

Once the pod had eaten its fill and retired, we resumed our transit North to Port Ludlow, a lovely hideaway harbor on the western shores of Puget Sound. Tucked back into the Olympic Peninsula, Port Ludlow is a relaxed marina with a strong local boating community. Ed and Carol graciously hosted a cocktail hour onboard the beautiful Undaunted, and we were only too happy to share a drink and relive our memories of a most thrilling day afloat.

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