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2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 6A, Day 3 – Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert is a great destination as a boater. There are many trails to stretch your sea legs, local art shops, and a well-stocked grocery store where everyone provisioned for the next week of being remote. The tide was out when many were returning with their groceries and although it made for an interesting commute down the ramp to the dock it also revealed some of the life that lives on the pilings and under the docks.

Goodness Gracious, Pisaster Ocraceus (Ochre Stars) were all over under the docks. Many were struggling to hang onto the pilings they had been looking for food on when the tide was up. Sea Stars move around using tube feet which they move through a water vascular system. They bring water into their body which is moved through canals that allow them to control their little suction cup feet. We are currently experiencing big tidal changes which are called Spring tides. The first day of our trip was the full moon and during a full moon and a new moon the Sun, Earth, and Moon are all in line with each other which creates a bigger pull on the tides. Today the tides changed 20ft between high tide and low tide.

In the afternoon a group of us went for a walk on the Rushbrook trail just north of town. The trail was lined with for-get-me-nots, foxgloves, and my favorite, Thimble Berries. These bright red berries look kind of like a raspberry, but they have a lightly tart and very bright flavor. They were ripe and turned into a delicious trail stack.

The day ended with a party on Deception. Amazingly prepared hors d’oeuvres¬†were shared and everyone got to learn a little more about each other. The sun was peeking behind the clouds and the evening turned into a beautiful sun set.

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